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Editing your photo

Digital camera pictures
Photographic prints
Scanned pictures
Sending pictures
Returning your printed photos

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You can send send us your photo in almost any format e.g. jpg, tiff, psd etc.


When we receive your picture we will check to make sure it will print to a high standard.
If it is blurred or will not make a good picture for any reason, we will let you know before we print. A good original will always print well.
However it is not always possible to detect how a poor quality image will come out.
On the rare occasion that this happens we will contact you before making up the blind.

Editing your photo
Often a picture needs some cropping or other manipulation to ensure it fits your window.
We use the latest software and techniques to get the best effect.
We want your photo to look great on your blind so this is included in the cost of your blind.
We always email you a proof to make sure you are happy before we print.
See what else we can do.

Digital camera pictures
The higher the megapixels (e.g. 3.2) the clearer the photos are likely to be when enlarged.
Photos from most digital cameras make great prints.
Email us the photo and your window size we'll let you know how it looks enlarged.

Photographic prints
A4 printed photographs are scanned in house at high resolution.
We can also remove scratches, dust, red-eye etc.
We want your blind to look great, so there is no charge for this.
We can also arrange for larger pictures (A3 and above) to be scanned.
Let us know the size and we'll give you a price.

Scanned pictures
We can print any digital image e.g. anything that can be held or viewed on your computer.
Email the pictures put them onto CD or DVD and post.
Call or email us if you would like to know more.

Sending pictures
We are happy to receive all images by email regardless of size.
If you are not sure about anything telephone or email or send a CD.
The FREE web site allows large files (up to 100mb) to be sent.
This ensures that the delivery is not affected by the size restrictions that email client software and websites often impose.
The service is free for single files below the size limit.
Note, registering first makes the process easier.

Returning your printed photos
We return all printed photos. If you would like your CD returned, just let us know.
There is no charge for this.

It is solely and without exception the responsibility of the person sending the pictures to ensure that they have the permission of the copyright owner to use the image.
See Terms & Conditions for more about this.


- 01225 702938
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