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special effects

Picture Editing
We can digitally enhance your photo such as brightening or increasing/decreasing contrast, or make your photos black and white. This is very easy to do and it's free of charge.

From this... to this...

We can also remove elements that can spoil a picture such as power lines, bins etc. Usually this is free of charge. If there is a lot of work we may ask you to pay a non returnable deposit.

Fitting to Window
Most times we need to alter the picture to fit your window. This cost is normally included in the cost of the blind.

from this... to this...

Other alterations
Horizons are usually easy to straighten without affecting the subject in the photo. And we can 'clone' sky, sand, grass etc to lengthen the picture. See above and below.

before... and after...

Fading/Tone change
If you like one of our photos but need a different shade or tone, just let us know. It's easy to change. There is usually no charge.

From this... to ... to ... or ...

Warhol style
We love doing other special effects too, but they can take time so we ask for a contribution of £35. One of our favourite jobs is turning your prints into an Andy Warhol style blind, see below.

We can turn your photos into something modern and unique.

From this... to this..

Or from this... to this...

Telephone for more information or email the picture you are thinking of using and we'll let you know if it is suitable.


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