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blinds information

There is a lot to tell you about our blinds.
You can scroll down or click on the quick links below.
To place an order you need to know the Window Size, Material and Price.

Do you need help choosing pictures, special effects or with colour matching?

  • What TYPE of blind do I need? e.g. waterproof, blackout or dimout
  • Tell me about the MATERIALS
  • Tell me ABOUT the blinds, how they look
  • Tell me about the MECHANISMS
  • Tell me about the INKS and colours
  • What's INCLUDED in the price
  • Is FITTING easy?
  • How can I PAY
  • How quick is DELIVERY

    Our Roof Windows page tells you which roof windows we can do photo blinds for.

    Our BOTTOM-UP blinds page tells you how these blinds can work to give maximum light and privacy.

    Light passes through the material but you can’t be seen through it.
    For when you want privacy but maximum light. Suitable for all rooms.
    In order of translucency:
    - Coated Polyester
    - PVC

    A dark print will decrease the amount of light passing through the material.

    No light passes through the material.
    Suitable for all rooms, especially bedrooms and other rooms where light needs to be kept out. Good for children's bedrooms as they can be wiped.
    - Blackout Fabric
    - PVC blackout

    Waterproof & water resistant
    Suitable for regular, heavy splashing e.g. next to a shower, as a shower blind or a damp or steamy or greasy environment such as kitchen.
    - PVC, PVC Blackout, waterproof
    - Coated Polyester, water resistant

    We have a range of materials and fabrics to suit every room.
    The reverse of all materials is white.
    See below for more about each material.

    Coated polyester
    Textured fabric, matt, medium weight, dimout, highly water resistant, tough, wipeable, fire rated.
    Looks good in any room.

    PVC & PVC blackout
    Waterproof, smooth, slight sheen, medium weight, dimout or blackout, tough, wipeable, fire rated.
    Particularly good for bathrooms, kitchens and for shower blinds.

    Blackout fabric
    Smooth, soft fabric, medium/heavy weight, opaque - No light passes through.
    Good for any room, particularly good for bedrooms, TV and video rooms, fire rated.

    Your blind is made-to-measure. Our measuring guide will help you get it right.

    Choose between the material coming over the front of the top bar hiding the bar
    or going behind, closer to the window. Note all materials are white on the reverse.

    The bottom edge of the blind is rolled around the bottom bar for a neat finish - we don't hem as the stitching spoils the picture and the effect.

    There are several types of mechanism:
    Choose a side-winding mechanism for complete control.
    Bead chain can be white or chrome.
    Bead chain to hang on the left or right side.

    A sprung mechanism has a central cord and wood toggle (or just a bar, please ask).
    The strength of the spring return can be easily increased or decreased.

    Perfect for large blinds.
    There are 2 options, mains plug/wired in or rechargeable battery.

    mechanismsspacer Top
    We use only the best quality components.
    They are suitable for damp/steamy environments such as bathrooms.
    The top bar is aluminium.
    The side winding fixing brackets are unobtrusive, white, powder-coated aluminium (as shown below).
    Each bracket takes two screws.
    The mechanism and brackets extend approximately 18mm from each side of the material.

    inks Top
    We use waterproof solvent inks which are bonded to the materials.
    This makes them very tough and highly scratch resistant.
    They are superior to inks that are printed as a separate layer.
    The inks are unlikely to fade even in direct sun.
    Shades of colour may vary from those you see on your computer screen and printer.
    If colour is critical, please let us know. Please also look at our colour match page.

    includedspacer Top
    Included in the package:
    - Printed, assembled, made-to-measure blind
    - Fixing brackets
    - Bracket covers (for outside recess fitting blinds)
    - Chain tidy (finishes the blind nicely and a good safety addition for rooms where small children have access)
    - Fitting notes

    The blinds are universal which means they can be fitted to the ceiling, window/wall or the side walls of the window recess.
    Installation is very easy. There are only two screws per bracket and the blinds come with full instructions.
    We don't supply screws as it's important that the correct screws are used for the material to which the blinds are fitted.

    If you ready to pay, please go to our Payment page.
    We accept payment by:
    - Direct bank transfer, please phone or email for bank details
    - Credit Card by link or over the telephone
    - PayPal - please make PayPal payments to
    - Cheque - please make payable to Coolscapes Ltd.

    Normally two weeks from acceptance of proof and receipt of payment.
    We despatch your blind in a tough cardboard tube with the minimum of packaging to ensure safe delivery. Have a look at our Environmental Policy.
    There is more information on our Delivery page about delivery times.
    You will also find our returns policy there.


    - 01225 702938
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