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Inside or outside recess fit

First decide if you want the blind to hang inside the window recess or cover the window recess. Please give us as much information as possible, especially if you think your window frames are narrow or if there may be issues with where the brackets are to be fitted.
If you have any concerns at all please telephone.

Inside Window Recess

Measure the recess from left to right in several places, as some walls and windows are not square. Note all the sizes.
We need the measurement left to right at the top and also the smallest width.
Do the same for top to bottom measurements.
We will make the blind to fit into the recess.

You have the choice to fit the blind to the window face or ceiling (including ceiling recess).

The material will be approximately 18mm from the side of the recess, on each side.
This means that for a window recess of 150 cms the actual material printed will be:
150 cms - 3.6cms = 146.4cms.

If you have any concerns about measuring, please give us a call.

To Cover the Window Recess

Measure the recess as explained in the section above then
add (a minimum of) 5 cms (2.5 cms left and 2.5 cms right)
for the overlap. Also add (a minimum) of 13 cms
(6.5 top and 6.5 bottom) to allow for the blind fitting
and bottom overhang if necessary.
Alternatively tell us the size you want.
We will make the blind to your measurements.

The blind mechanism and brackets extend about 18mm either
side of the blind material.

Make a note of these figures but please ALSO include the window
recess sizes as well, so we have all the information.

If you have any concerns about measuring, please give us a call.

Replacement blind material only
If you want to keep your blind mechanism and just replace the
blind material, measure the exact width of your current blind
Measure the drop required and add it to the form.
We will make the blind the exact size adding extra material
top and bottom to fit to your existing mechanism.
We can also include a fitted bottom bar and double-sided tape,
if you wish, so all you need to do is tape it to your existing top
roller bar for a brand new blind.

Please telephone or email for a quote.


- 01225 702938
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